Interface Poolable

All Known Subinterfaces:
PoolSettable, Recyclable, Validatable
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractJdbcConnection, JaxpParser, XSLTProcessorImpl

public interface Poolable

Poolable is a marker interface for Components that can be pooled. Components that are not pooled are created anew via a factory every time a request is made for the component.

Components implementing this interface can add the following attributes to its definition:

   <component pool-min="1" pool-max="10" pool-grow="1">
pool-min sets the minimum number of Components maintained by the pool
pool-max sets the maximum number of Components maintained by the pool
pool-grow sets the number of Components to grow or shrink the pool by whenever it becomes necessary to do so

NB: It was a deliberate choice not to extend Component. This will have to be reassed once we see it in action.

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