Interface Serviceable

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractComponentHandler, AbstractContainer, AbstractDataSourceCluster, AbstractDataSourceIdGenerator, AbstractHandlerFactory, AbstractService, DefaultConnectionManager, DefaultEntityResolver, DefaultHelloDBService, DefaultLoggerManager, DefaultTimeScheduler, DefaultXMLizer, FortressBean, FullLifecycleComponent, JaxpParser, JTidyHTMLParser, MRUMemoryStore, RepositoryManager, SourceResolverImpl, XSLTProcessorImpl

public interface Serviceable

A Serviceable is a class that need to connect to software components using a "role" abstraction, thus not depending on particular implementations but on behavioral interfaces.
The contract surrounding a Serviceable is that it is a user. The Serviceable is able to use Objects managed by the ServiceManager it was initialized with. As part of the contract with the system, the instantiating entity must call the service method before the Serviceable can be considered valid.

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Method Summary
 void service(ServiceManager manager)
          Pass the ServiceManager to the Serviceable.

Method Detail


public void service(ServiceManager manager)
             throws ServiceException
Pass the ServiceManager to the Serviceable. The Serviceable implementation should use the specified ServiceManager to acquire the components it needs for execution.

manager - The ServiceManager which this Serviceable uses. Must not be null.
ServiceException - if an error occurs

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