Class InformixDataSource

  extended byorg.apache.avalon.framework.logger.AbstractLogEnabled
      extended byorg.apache.avalon.excalibur.datasource.InformixDataSource
All Implemented Interfaces:
Component, Configurable, DataSourceComponent, LogEnabled, ThreadSafe

public class InformixDataSource
extends AbstractLogEnabled
implements DataSourceComponent

The Informix implementation for DataSources in Excalibur. This uses the com.informix.jdbcx.IfxConnectionPoolDataSource object. It uses the following format for configuration (italics mark information you change):

     <pool-controller init="5" min="5" max="10"/>
     <host port="2000">host</host>
       <jdbc> file="filename" level="level"</jdbc>
       <sqli> file="filename" level="level"</sqli>

Informix doesn't like the JdbcDataSource Component, so we gave it it's own. Do not use this datasource if you are planning on using your J2EE server's connection pooling.

You must have Informix's JDBC 2.2 or higher jar file, as well as the extensions jar file (ifxjdbc.jar and ifxjdbcx.jar). Also, this DataSource requires the Avalon Cadastre package because it uses the MemoryContext.

The tracing settings optionally enable Informix's tracing support within the jdbc driver. Note, for this to work, the ifxjdbc-g.jar and ifxjdbcx-g.jar jar files are required (the options have no effect when using the non -g jar files).

jdbc tracing enables general logging information about the driver itself. sqli tracing enables logging of native sqli messages sent between the jdbc driver and the database server.

The attribute file specifies where to write tracing information to, and level specifies the tracing level to be used, as documented in the Informix JDBC programmers guide.

CVS $Revision: 1.4 $ $Date: 2004/02/28 11:47:14 $
Avalon Development Team

Field Summary
Fields inherited from interface org.apache.avalon.excalibur.datasource.DataSourceComponent
Constructor Summary
          Set up the system property for the context factory if it hasn't been done already.
Method Summary
 void configure(Configuration conf)
          Set up the Informix driver for direct use.
 java.sql.Connection getConnection()
          Return an Informix Connection object
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Constructor Detail


public InformixDataSource()
Set up the system property for the context factory if it hasn't been done already. This is not done in a static initializer due to the existence of the J2eeDataSource.

Method Detail


public java.sql.Connection getConnection()
                                  throws java.sql.SQLException
Return an Informix Connection object

Specified by:
getConnection in interface DataSourceComponent
Connection a valid connection for you to use


public void configure(Configuration conf)
               throws ConfigurationException
Set up the Informix driver for direct use.

Specified by:
configure in interface Configurable
conf - the class configurations. Must not be null.
ConfigurationException - if an error occurs

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