Package org.apache.avalon.excalibur.logger

Interface Summary
LoggerManageable LoggerManageable interface, use this to set the LoggerManager for the child components.
LoggerManager LoggerManager Interface.
LogKitManageable LogKitManageable Interface, use this to set the LogKitManagers for child Components.
LogKitManager Deprecated. we should use the new LoggerManager interface that directly supports the new framework Logger interface.
LogTargetFactory LogTargetFactory Interface.
LogTargetFactoryManageable LogTargetFactoryManageable Interface, use this to set the LogTargetFactoryManager for child Components.
LogTargetFactoryManager LogTargetFactoryManager Interface.
LogTargetManager LogTargetManager Interface.

Class Summary
AbstractLoggerManager This abstract class implements LogEnabled.
ConsoleLoggerManager This is a very simple logger manager for debugging purpose that uses always the ConsoleLogger
DefaultLoggerManager This logger manager is a wrapper around all other "real" logger managers.
DefaultLogKitManager Deprecated. we should use the new LogKitLoggerManager interface that directly supports the new framework Logger interface.
DefaultLogTargetFactoryManager Default LogTargetFactoryManager implementation.
DefaultLogTargetManager Default LogTargetManager implementation.
Facade A facade to the modularized *LoggerManager building system.
Log4JConfLoggerManager A LoggerManager for Log4j that will configure the Log4j subsystem using specified configuration.
Log4JLogger The default Log4J wrapper class for Logger.
Log4JLoggerManager Log4JLoggerManager implementation.
LoggerLoggerManager A LoggerManager that operates off of an existing Logger instance.
LogKitLoggerManager LogKitLoggerManager implementation.
ServletLogger Logger to bootstrap avalon application iside a servlet.
SimpleLogKitManager A LoggerManager that supports the old <logs version="1.0"/> style logging configuration from Phoenix.

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