Class LoggerSwitch

  extended byorg.apache.avalon.excalibur.logger.util.LoggerSwitch

public class LoggerSwitch
extends java.lang.Object

A proxy logger that switches between two underlying loggers with recursive invocation detection.

This class is intended to be used by o.a.a.e.logger.AbstractLoggerManager. all the logger switching is done in it during the "warm-up" phase (constructor, enableLogging, contextualize, configure, start). All these operations are held our on a single thread and the object is not exposed to other threads untill (in strict synchronization sense) it has been fully configured. That's why there is no synchronization in this class. If the switching was to occur in a mulitythreaded fasion we would have to synchronize access to m_fallback and m_preferred.

Avalon Development Team

Field Summary
protected static Logger SHARED_NULL
Constructor Summary
LoggerSwitch(Logger fallback)
LoggerSwitch(Logger fallback, Logger preferred)
Method Summary
 Logger get()
          We create a logger with no methods for changing m_fallback and m_preferred for security reasons.
 void setFallback(Logger fallback)
 void setPreferred(Logger preferred)
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Field Detail


protected static final Logger SHARED_NULL
Constructor Detail


public LoggerSwitch(Logger fallback)


public LoggerSwitch(Logger fallback,
                    Logger preferred)
Method Detail


public Logger get()
We create a logger with no methods for changing m_fallback and m_preferred for security reasons. All the control is done by the parent class that does not implement Logger itself.


public void setFallback(Logger fallback)


public void setPreferred(Logger preferred)

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