Package org.apache.avalon.framework.configuration

Component configuration interfaces and XML-based implementations.


Interface Summary
Configurable This interface should be implemented by classes that need to be configured with custom parameters before initialization.
Configuration Configuration is a interface encapsulating a configuration node used to retrieve configuration values.
MutableConfiguration A read/write extension of the Configuration interface.
Reconfigurable Extends Configurable to allow reconfiguration at runtime.

Class Summary
AbstractConfiguration This is an abstract Configuration implementation that deals with methods that can be abstracted away from underlying implementations.
ConfigurationUtil This class has a bunch of utility methods to work with configuration objects.
DefaultConfiguration This is the default Configuration implementation.
DefaultConfigurationBuilder A DefaultConfigurationBuilder builds Configurations from XML, via a SAX2 compliant parser.
DefaultConfigurationSerializer A ConfigurationSerializer serializes configurations via SAX2 compliant parser.
DefaultImmutableConfiguration An immutable implementation of the Configuration interface.
NamespacedSAXConfigurationHandler A SAXConfigurationHandler helps build Configurations out of sax events, including namespace information.
SAXConfigurationHandler A SAXConfigurationHandler helps build Configurations out of sax events.

Exception Summary
ConfigurationException Thrown when a Configurable component cannot be configured properly, or if a value cannot be retrieved properly.

Package org.apache.avalon.framework.configuration Description

Component configuration interfaces and XML-based implementations.

The org.apache.avalon.framework.configuration package contains primarily:

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