Uses of Interface

Packages that use Creator
org.apache.avalon.fortress.util The util package includes general unities supporting configuration and context management. 
org.apache.avalon.lifecycle Container independent interfaces and classes supporting component lifecycle extension. 

Uses of Creator in org.apache.avalon.fortress.impl.extensions

Classes in org.apache.avalon.fortress.impl.extensions that implement Creator
 class InstrumentableCreator
          The InstrumentableCreator is used as a standard lifecycle extension for containers that support it.

Uses of Creator in org.apache.avalon.fortress.util

Classes in org.apache.avalon.fortress.util that implement Creator
 class ReflectiveConfigurator
          A creator that configures a component based on reflection.

Methods in org.apache.avalon.fortress.util that return Creator
 Creator LifecycleExtensionManager.removeCreatorExtension(int position)
          Removes a particular creator extension from the manager
 Creator LifecycleExtensionManager.getCreatorExtension(int index)
          Obtain the particular creator extension at the given index

Methods in org.apache.avalon.fortress.util with parameters of type Creator
 void LifecycleExtensionManager.addCreatorExtension(Creator extension)
          Adds a creator extension to the manager
 void LifecycleExtensionManager.insertCreatorExtension(int position, Creator extension)
          Inserts a creator extension at a given index in the manager

Uses of Creator in org.apache.avalon.lifecycle

Classes in org.apache.avalon.lifecycle that implement Creator
 class AbstractCreator
          Abstract implementation of a Creator.

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