Package org.apache.excalibur.event.command

Interface Summary
Command A Command is a specific type of Signal that denotes an asynchronous execution unit that must be performed by the CommandManager.
CommandFailureHandler CommandFailureHandler is used by the CommandManager to handle any exceptions that might be thrown by a Command.
DelayedCommand A DelayedCommand is a specific type of Command that denotes a an execution unit that will be delayed at least X number of milliseconds.
EventPipeline An EventPipeline is used by the ThreadManager to manage the event Queue and EventHandler relationship.
RepeatedCommand A Signal is a specific type of QueueElement that denotes a Control code for the Queue system.
ThreadManager A ThreadManager handles the thread policies for EventPipelines.

Class Summary
AbstractThreadManager Abstract base class for a ThreadManager that has a single ThreadPool for all pipelines
AbstractThreadManager.PipelineRunner The PipelineRunner class pulls all the events from the Source, and puts them in the EventHandler.
CommandManager The CommandManager handles asynchronous commands from the rest of the system.
DefaultThreadManager A ThreadManager that will use an external ThreadPool.
NullCommandFailureHandler NullCommandFailureHandler is used to do nothing if a command fails.
TPCThreadManager This is a ThreadManager that uses a certain number of threads per processor.
TPSPThreadManager This is a ThreadManager which provides a threadpool per Sink per EventPipeline.
TPSPThreadManager.SourceDequeueInterceptor This is used to plug into Queues so that we can intercept calls to the dequeue operation.
TPSPThreadManager.SourceRunner The SourceRunner is used to dequeue events one at a time.

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