Package org.apache.excalibur.instrument

Interface Summary
Instrument The Instrument interface must by implemented by any object wishing to act as an instrument used by the instrument manager.
Instrumentable The Instrumentable interface is to mark objects that can be sampled by an InstrumentManager.
InstrumentManageable Components which implement the InstrumentManageable Interface will have their InstrumentManager set by the component manager during their initialization phase.
InstrumentProxy Because some components using Instruments will be created in large numbers a way is needed to collect data from the instances of all instances of a component class without maintaining references to Instruments of each instance.

Class Summary
AbstractInstrument The AbstractInstrument class can be used by an class wishing to implement the Instruement interface.
AbstractInstrumentable Utility class to ease the construction of components that can be instrumented.
AbstractLogEnabledInstrumentable Utility class to ease the construction of components that can be instrumented but must also implement LogEnabled.
CounterInstrument CounterInstruments can be used to profile the number of times that something happens.
NoopInstrumentManager An InstrumentManager which doesn't do anything.
ValueInstrument Objects implementing Instrumentable can create Instruments with integer values using a ValueInstrument.

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