Class SafeFileTarget

  extended byorg.apache.log.output.AbstractTarget
      extended byorg.apache.log.output.AbstractOutputTarget
All Implemented Interfaces:
Closeable, ErrorAware, LogTarget

public class SafeFileTarget
extends FileTarget

A target that will open and close a file for each logevent. This is slow but a more reliable form of logging on some filesystems/OSes. It should only be used when there is a small number of log events.

Peter Donald

Constructor Summary
SafeFileTarget( file, boolean append, Formatter formatter)
          Construct file target to write to a file with a formatter.
Method Summary
 void processEvent(LogEvent event)
          Process a log event, via formatting and outputting it.
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Constructor Detail


public SafeFileTarget( file,
                      boolean append,
                      Formatter formatter)
Construct file target to write to a file with a formatter.

file - the file to write to
append - true if file is to be appended to, false otherwise
formatter - the Formatter
Throws: - if an error occurs
Method Detail


public void processEvent(LogEvent event)
Process a log event, via formatting and outputting it.

Specified by:
processEvent in interface LogTarget
processEvent in class AbstractTarget
event - the log event

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