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Packages that use EnqueuePredicate

Uses of EnqueuePredicate in org.apache.excalibur.event

Methods in org.apache.excalibur.event that return EnqueuePredicate
 EnqueuePredicate Queue.getEnqueuePredicate()
          Return the enqueue predicate for this sink.

Methods in org.apache.excalibur.event with parameters of type EnqueuePredicate
 void Queue.setEnqueuePredicate(EnqueuePredicate enqueuePredicate)
          Set the enqueue predicate for this sink.

Uses of EnqueuePredicate in org.apache.excalibur.event.command

Classes in org.apache.excalibur.event.command that implement EnqueuePredicate
 class CommandManager
          The CommandManager handles asynchronous commands from the rest of the system.

Uses of EnqueuePredicate in org.apache.excalibur.event.impl

Classes in org.apache.excalibur.event.impl that implement EnqueuePredicate
 class NullEnqueuePredicate
          The NullEnqueuePredicate does nothing to limit a Queue's ability to enqueue.
 class RateLimitingPredicate
          This enqueue predicate implements input rate policing.
 class ThresholdEnqueuePredicate
          The ThresholdEnqueuePredicate limits the elements that can be enqueued based on the size of the Queue.

Fields in org.apache.excalibur.event.impl declared as EnqueuePredicate
protected  EnqueuePredicate AbstractQueue.m_predicate

Methods in org.apache.excalibur.event.impl that return EnqueuePredicate
 EnqueuePredicate AbstractQueue.getEnqueuePredicate()
          Return the EnqueuePredicate that is already set for this Queue.

Methods in org.apache.excalibur.event.impl with parameters of type EnqueuePredicate
 void AbstractQueue.setEnqueuePredicate(EnqueuePredicate predicate)
          Set the EnqueuePredicate to limit entries into this Queue.

Constructors in org.apache.excalibur.event.impl with parameters of type EnqueuePredicate
DefaultQueue(EnqueuePredicate predicate)

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