Package org.apache.excalibur.source.impl

Class Summary
AbstractSource Abstract base class for a source implementation.
CommonsVFSSource Source implementation that provides resolver access to all protocols supported by Commons VFS.
CommonsVFSSourceFactory A factory for source types supported by Commons VFS.
FileSource A ModifiableTraversableSource for filesystem objects.
FileSourceFactory A factory for filesystem-based sources (see FileSource).
FTPSource Source implementation for the File Transfer Protocol.
FTPSourceFactory A factory for an @link FTPSource.
HTTPClientSource HTTP URL Source object, based on the Jakarta Commons HttpClient project.
HTTPClientSourceFactory HTTPClientSource Factory class.
HTTPSClientSourceFactory HTTPClientSource Factory class.
ResourceSource Description of a source which is described by the resource protocol which gets a resource from the classloader.
ResourceSourceFactory A factory for the Resource protocol
SourceResolverImpl This is the default implemenation of a SourceResolver.
URLSource Description of a source which is described by an URL.
URLSourceFactory A factory for a URL wrapper

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