Package org.apache.excalibur.source

Interface Summary
ModifiableSource A Source that can be written to.
ModifiableTraversableSource A modifiable traversable source.
MoveableSource This class marks a source to be able to moved and copied to serveral other locations.
Source This interface provides a simple interface for accessing a source of data.
SourceFactory A source factory creates new source objects.
SourceResolver Base interface for resolving a source by system identifiers.
SourceValidity A SourceValidity object contains all information to check if a Source object is still valid.
TraversableSource A traversable source is a source that can have children and a parent, like a file system.
URIAbsolutizer Implemented by a SourceFactory when it supports applying a relative URI to a base URI to form an absolute URI.

Class Summary
SourceParameters This class holds parameters for a Source object.
SourceUtil Utility class for source resolving.

Exception Summary
SourceException This Exception is thrown every time there is a problem in processing a source.
SourceNotFoundException This Exception should be thrown if the source could not be found.

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