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Packages that use AbstractTarget
org.apache.log.output This package contains some useful output destination LogTargets. 
org.apache.log.output.db Database output destination LogTargets. Stream anf file based output destination LogTargets. Log file rotation policies. 
org.apache.log.output.jms JMS based output destination LogTargets. Datagram, Socket and SMTP output destination LogTargets. 

Uses of AbstractTarget in org.apache.log.output

Subclasses of AbstractTarget in org.apache.log.output
 class AbstractOutputTarget
          Abstract output target.
 class AbstractWrappingTarget
          Abstract base class for targets that wrap other targets.
 class AsyncLogTarget
          An asynchronous LogTarget that sends entries on in another thread.
 class MemoryTarget
          Output LogEvents into an buffer in memory.
 class NullOutputLogTarget
          A output target that does nothing.
 class PriorityFilteringTarget
          This is a priority filtering target that forwards only requests to other (wrapped) targets that have the same or a higher priority.
 class ServletOutputLogTarget
          Generic logging interface.

Uses of AbstractTarget in org.apache.log.output.db

Subclasses of AbstractTarget in org.apache.log.output.db
 class AbstractJDBCTarget
          Abstract JDBC target.
 class DefaultJDBCTarget
          The basic DB target for configurable output formats.
 class NormalizedJDBCTarget
          JDBC target that writes to normalized tables.

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Subclasses of AbstractTarget in
 class FileTarget
          A basic target that writes to a File.
 class SafeFileTarget
          A target that will open and close a file for each logevent.
 class StreamTarget
          A basic target that writes to an OutputStream.
 class WriterTarget
          This target outputs to a writer.

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Subclasses of AbstractTarget in
 class RotatingFileTarget
          This is a basic Output log target that writes to rotating files.

Uses of AbstractTarget in org.apache.log.output.jms

Subclasses of AbstractTarget in org.apache.log.output.jms
 class AbstractJMSTarget
          A target that writes to a JMS Topic.
 class JMSQueueTarget
          A target that writes to a JMS Queue.
 class JMSTopicTarget
          A target that writes to a JMS Topic.

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Subclasses of AbstractTarget in
 class DatagramOutputTarget
          A datagram output target.
 class SMTPOutputLogTarget
          Logkit output target that logs data via SMTP.
 class SocketOutputTarget
          SocketOutputTarget Useful for writing the output to a TCP/IP client socket.

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