Uses of Interface

Packages that use Contextualizable
org.apache.avalon.cornerstone.blocks.datasources Default implementation of a datasource manager. 
org.apache.avalon.cornerstone.blocks.masterstore Default implementation of a sockets manager. 
org.apache.avalon.cornerstone.blocks.masterstore.xml XML file persistence repository. 
org.apache.avalon.cornerstone.blocks.sockets Default implementation of a sockets manager. Defintion of the connection service. 
org.apache.avalon.excalibur.component Extended component management services. 
org.apache.avalon.excalibur.testcase Excalibur testcase utilities. 
org.apache.avalon.fortress.impl The fortress.impl package contains the containment abstraction of the Fortress system  
org.apache.avalon.framework.context Interfaces and implementation of the Context model through which runtime context can be applied by a manager to a component. 

Uses of Contextualizable in org.apache.avalon.cornerstone.blocks.datasources

Classes in org.apache.avalon.cornerstone.blocks.datasources that implement Contextualizable
 class DefaultDataSourceSelector
          A default implementation for DataSourceSelector.

Uses of Contextualizable in org.apache.avalon.cornerstone.blocks.masterstore

Classes in org.apache.avalon.cornerstone.blocks.masterstore that implement Contextualizable
 class File_Persistent_Object_Repository
          This is a simple implementation of persistent object store using object serialization on the file system.
 class File_Persistent_Stream_Repository
          Implementation of a StreamRepository to a File.
 class RepositoryManager

Uses of Contextualizable in org.apache.avalon.cornerstone.blocks.masterstore.xml

Classes in org.apache.avalon.cornerstone.blocks.masterstore.xml that implement Contextualizable
 class XMLFilePersistentObjectRepository
          This is a simple implementation of persistent object store using XML serialization from JDK 1.4 to a file system.

Uses of Contextualizable in org.apache.avalon.cornerstone.blocks.sockets

Classes in org.apache.avalon.cornerstone.blocks.sockets that implement Contextualizable
 class AbstractTLSSocketFactory
          Contains the code common for both TLS socket factories.
 class DefaultSocketManager
          Implementation of SocketManager.
 class SSLFactoryBuilder
          Builds SSLContexts with desired properties.
 class TLSServerSocketFactory
          Manufactures TLS server sockets.
 class TLSSocketFactory
          Manufactures TLS client sockets.

Uses of Contextualizable in

Classes in that implement Contextualizable
 class AbstractHandlerFactory
          Helper class to extend to create handler factorys.
 class AbstractService
          Helper class to create protocol services.
 class DefaultHandlerFactory
          Default Hnalder factory that creates instances via reflection.

Uses of Contextualizable in org.apache.avalon.excalibur.component

Classes in org.apache.avalon.excalibur.component that implement Contextualizable
 class DefaultComponentManager
          Deprecated. Please use ExcaliburComponentManager instead
 class DefaultComponentSelector
          Deprecated. use ExcaliburComponentSelector instead.
 class ExcaliburComponentManager
          Deprecated. ECM is no longer supported
 class ExcaliburComponentSelector
          Deprecated. ECM is no longer supported

Uses of Contextualizable in org.apache.avalon.excalibur.logger

Classes in org.apache.avalon.excalibur.logger that implement Contextualizable
 class DefaultLoggerManager
          This logger manager is a wrapper around all other "real" logger managers.
 class DefaultLogKitManager
          Deprecated. we should use the new LogKitLoggerManager interface that directly supports the new framework Logger interface.
 class DefaultLogTargetFactoryManager
          Default LogTargetFactoryManager implementation.
 class Log4JConfLoggerManager
          A LoggerManager for Log4j that will configure the Log4j subsystem using specified configuration.
 class LogKitLoggerManager
          LogKitLoggerManager implementation.
 class SimpleLogKitManager
          A LoggerManager that supports the old <logs version="1.0"/> style logging configuration from Phoenix.

Uses of Contextualizable in org.apache.avalon.excalibur.logger.decorator

Classes in org.apache.avalon.excalibur.logger.decorator that implement Contextualizable
 class CachingDecorator
          This class implements LoggerManager interface by passing all the job to a wrapped LoggerManager, but the returened Loggers are cached.
 class LoggerManagerDecorator
          This is the base class to create LoggerManager decorators.
 class LogToSelfDecorator
          This class intercepts the class passed to us via enableLogging() and substibutes it by LoggerSwitch.get() logger.
 class OverrideDefaultDecorator
          Overrides the value passed from getDefaultLogger().
 class PrefixDecorator
          This class implements LoggerManager interface by prepending a prefix to all requests and letting the wrapped LoggerManager actually create the loggers.

Uses of Contextualizable in org.apache.avalon.excalibur.logger.factory

Classes in org.apache.avalon.excalibur.logger.factory that implement Contextualizable
 class AbstractTargetFactory
          AbstractTargetFactory class.
 class AsyncLogTargetFactory
          AsyncLogTargetFactory class.
 class ConsoleTargetFactory
          ConsoleTargetFactory class.
 class DatagramTargetFactory
          This factory creates LogTargets with a wrapped DatagramOutputTarget around it.
 class FileTargetFactory
          FileTargetFactory class.
 class PriorityFilterTargetFactory
          PriorityFilterTargetFactory class.
 class ServletTargetFactory
          ServletTargetFactory class.
 class SMTPTargetFactory
          SMTPTargetFactory class.
 class SocketTargetFactory
          This factory creates LogTargets with a wrapped SocketOutputTarget around it.
 class StreamTargetFactory
          TargetFactory for StreamTarget.

Uses of Contextualizable in org.apache.avalon.excalibur.logger.log4j

Classes in org.apache.avalon.excalibur.logger.log4j that implement Contextualizable
 class Log4JConfAdapter
          A LoggerManager for Log4j that will configure the Log4j subsystem using specified configuration.

Uses of Contextualizable in org.apache.avalon.excalibur.logger.logkit

Classes in org.apache.avalon.excalibur.logger.logkit that implement Contextualizable
 class LogKitConfHelper
          Tie this object to a LoggerManagerTee, give it the Hierachy that LogKitAdapter operates upon and it will populate it from the Configuration object passed via configure().

Uses of Contextualizable in org.apache.avalon.excalibur.logger.util

Classes in org.apache.avalon.excalibur.logger.util that implement Contextualizable
 class AvalonTee
          This class broadcasts Avalon lifestyle events to several destination objects, somewhat like Unix 'tee' command directing its input both to file and to its output.
 class LoggerManagerTee
          An AvalonTee object is not usefull by itself as it does not implement any component interface.

Uses of Contextualizable in org.apache.avalon.excalibur.testcase

Classes in org.apache.avalon.excalibur.testcase that implement Contextualizable
 class FullLifecycleComponent
          Deprecated. ECM is no longer supported

Uses of Contextualizable in org.apache.avalon.fortress.examples.extended

Classes in org.apache.avalon.fortress.examples.extended that implement Contextualizable
 class ExtendedContainer

Uses of Contextualizable in org.apache.avalon.fortress.examples.servlet

Classes in org.apache.avalon.fortress.examples.servlet that implement Contextualizable
 class ServletContainer
          Fortress based servlet example.

Uses of Contextualizable in org.apache.avalon.fortress.examples.swing

Classes in org.apache.avalon.fortress.examples.swing that implement Contextualizable
 class SwingContainer
          Simple Fortress based container containing a Swing implementation of Hello World.

Uses of Contextualizable in org.apache.avalon.fortress.examples.viewer

Classes in org.apache.avalon.fortress.examples.viewer that implement Contextualizable
 class ComponentViewer
          Simple Fortress container containing a Swing based viewer for performing lookups on registered components.

Uses of Contextualizable in org.apache.avalon.fortress.impl

Classes in org.apache.avalon.fortress.impl that implement Contextualizable
 class AbstractContainer
          This abstract implementation provides basic functionality for building an implementation of the Container interface.
 class DefaultContainer
          This is the default implementation of Container, adding configuration markup semantics to the AbstractContainer.
 class DefaultECMContainer
          Customize the Fortress container to handle ECM compatibility

Uses of Contextualizable in org.apache.avalon.fortress.migration

Classes in org.apache.avalon.fortress.migration that implement Contextualizable
 class FortressAdapter
          Fortress based component adapter.

Uses of Contextualizable in org.apache.avalon.framework.context

Subinterfaces of Contextualizable in org.apache.avalon.framework.context
 interface Recontextualizable
          Extends Contextualizable to allow recontextualizing.

Uses of Contextualizable in org.apache.excalibur.source.impl

Classes in org.apache.excalibur.source.impl that implement Contextualizable
 class SourceResolverImpl
          This is the default implemenation of a SourceResolver.

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