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Packages that use Parameterizable
org.apache.avalon.excalibur.testcase Excalibur testcase utilities. 
org.apache.avalon.framework.parameters Interfaces supporting the supply of flat configuration information. 

Uses of Parameterizable in org.apache.avalon.excalibur.testcase

Classes in org.apache.avalon.excalibur.testcase that implement Parameterizable
 class FullLifecycleComponent
          Deprecated. ECM is no longer supported

Uses of Parameterizable in org.apache.avalon.framework.parameters

Subinterfaces of Parameterizable in org.apache.avalon.framework.parameters
 interface Reparameterizable
          Components should implement this interface if they wish to be provided with parameters during its lifetime.

Uses of Parameterizable in org.apache.excalibur.event.command

Classes in org.apache.excalibur.event.command that implement Parameterizable
 class TPCThreadManager
          This is a ThreadManager that uses a certain number of threads per processor.

Uses of Parameterizable in org.apache.excalibur.source.impl

Classes in org.apache.excalibur.source.impl that implement Parameterizable
 class HTTPClientSource
          HTTP URL Source object, based on the Jakarta Commons HttpClient project.
 class HTTPClientSourceFactory
          HTTPClientSource Factory class.
 class HTTPSClientSourceFactory
          HTTPClientSource Factory class.

Uses of Parameterizable in

Classes in that implement Parameterizable
 class JispFilesystemStore
          This store is based on the Jisp library (
 class MRUMemoryStore
          This class provides a cache algorithm for the requested documents.
 class StoreJanitorImpl
          This class is a implentation of a StoreJanitor.

Uses of Parameterizable in org.apache.excalibur.xml

Classes in org.apache.excalibur.xml that implement Parameterizable
 class DefaultEntityResolver
          A component that uses catalogs for resolving entities.

Uses of Parameterizable in org.apache.excalibur.xml.impl

Classes in org.apache.excalibur.xml.impl that implement Parameterizable
 class JaxpParser
          An XMLParser that is only dependant on JAXP 1.1 compliant parsers.

Uses of Parameterizable in org.apache.excalibur.xml.xslt

Classes in org.apache.excalibur.xml.xslt that implement Parameterizable
 class XSLTProcessorImpl

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