2010/12/15 - Apache Excalibur has been retired.

For more information, please explore the Attic.

Excalibur Configuration (DEPRECATED)

This package has been deprecated. See this page for more information.


The Configuration package contains extensions to the Avalon Framework supporting configuration management.


Provides support for the creation of a base and default parent relationship between two configuration instances. This is helpful when you have a default configuration together with a configuration that contains overriding values. The level of cascading of configurations is arbitary. The CascadingConfiguration implementation impements the classic Configuration interface and delegates invocations to the base configuration. If the delegate operation fails, the implementation will attempt to resolve the invocation against the parent configuration. Both base and parent configuration reference can be classic or cascading enabling the creation of complex configuration graphs.


Provides a static list operation that is helpful in debugging. The list operation generates a simple string representation of a configuration.


Similar to the CascadingConfiguration in that it takes two Configuration's and makes one. The ConfigurationMerger can take a "layer" and a "base" and merge the layer with the base. The ConfigurationMerger goes a step farther than the CascadingConfiguration in that it provides a consistent view of Configuration.getChildren() based off of meta-attributes that can exist in the layer.


Given a Configuration and a "base", generate the "layer" that when passed to the ConfigurationMerger will yield the original Configuration.