2010/12/15 - Apache Excalibur has been retired.

For more information, please explore the Attic.

Excalibur Lifecycle

The Lifecycle package contains a set of interfaces and classes supporting portable lifecycle extensions.

Contributions to this project are based on co-development actives by container projects aiming towards cross-container component portability and consistent service management.

The first step in the container project has been undertaken between the Fortress and Merlin containers on the subject of lifestyle extension support. The original design and implementation of lifecycle extensions by Marcus Crafter was implemented using the Fortress container. Subsequently, and alternative implementation based on Marcus' design was introduced using the Merlin container leading to two incompatible solutions aiming at the same objective. Through a process of cross-project collaboration, the Fortress and Merlin developers reached consensus on a common set of APIs and abstract implementation. These resources constitute the first sub-project of the Excalibur Container package.