2010/12/15 - Apache Excalibur has been retired.

For more information, please explore the Attic.

Excalibur Fortress

Fortress contains a framework to help you create your own avalon containers. It boasts asynchronous management of your component instances, high scalability, easier maintenance of your code, and easy embedding into various environments like servlet engines. Fortress replaces the older Excalibur Component Manager (ECM) container.

Fortress 1.1

Fortress 1.1 has been released and includes a number of bug fixes. See the download section to get the latest source and binary distributions.

Available Documentation

  • The Fortress documentation has not yet been updated for the latest release. We are currently working on new documentation in the wiki.
  • The Avalon developers are working to provide better consistency between our containers (ECM, Fortress, Phoenix, Merlin). We hope to offer a single platform that will build on our previous efforts. Please subscribe to the users or developers mailing list to receive the latest updates. See the wiki for more information on which container to consider and where the containers came from.
  • For general information about the avalon project, you will want to read the Avalon Framework Documentation. Developing with Avalon is a terribly useful resource as well.