2010/12/15 - Apache Excalibur has been retired.

For more information, please explore the Attic.

Deprecated Excalibur Products

Over time several Excalibur products have reached the end of their lifecycle. This page documents the deprecated components.


Compatibility was a library consisting of several utility classes that Excalibur had ceased developing with the aim of focusing on the charter.

Package Replacement
o.a.a.excalibur.cli Commons-CLI
o.a.a.excalibur.collections Commons-Collections
o.a.a.excalibur.concurrent Doug Leas Concurrent Library
o.a.a.excalibur.io Spice-Salt
o.a.a.excalibur.naming Spice-JNDIKit


ECM (Excalibur Component Manager) was our first container. It's still in use in quite a few projects, but has not been under active development for about two years, as we've written a much better container that is (almost) completely backwards compatible.


Some old documentation about ECM is still available here.


Excalibur-Configuration was a utility library to manipulate configuration trees. Configuration had never been released and the original developers have redeveloped the code elsewhere. The following table lists the replacement packages for Excalibur-Configuration.


Some old documentation about Excalibur-Configuration is still available here.


Excalibur-Event was an extensive component library to aid in concurrent programming. This package has gradually evolved into a much better package maintained elsewhere. The following table lists the replacement packages for Excalibur-Event.

Package Replacement
o.a.excalibur.event D-Haven-Event
o.a.excalibur.mpool D-Haven-Managed-Pool

Some old documentation about Excalibur-Event is still available here.


Excalibur-i18n was a very small utility library to aid in the use of localized resources. This library stored these resources in an inconvenient location. A much better package has been developed elsewhere.



Excalibur-Testcase was a library to aid unit testing of components. It provided an extended TestCase class that would set up an ECM instance for you. Since we now all know this is a bad idea (no component should be tested against an actual container implementation, only in isolation), it has been deprecated along with ECM, with no direct replacement.