2010/12/15 - Apache Excalibur has been retired.

For more information, please explore the Attic.


Berin Loritsch

Berin has helped define and document the Avalon projects since 2000. He has been involved in Apache Avalon and Apache Cocoon. He is the author of the current thread-safe pool implementations as well as the DataSourceComponent. Berin and Giacomo Pati were the architects of Excalibur's Component Management infrastructure.

Outside of the public view of the Apache Software Foundation, Berin has developed workflow based web applications as well as data manipulation services. He has nine years of experience developing database backed applications, and eight years experience with technical writing. Berin has only been developing Java since 1999, but his background in other Object Oriented Languages and architectures like C++ and CORBA helped him get a jump start.

Paul Hammant

Paul is most interested in applications that run on top of Phoenix. As such he constantly trawls the internet look for suitable server applications for Phoenix. He tries to persuade the authors to rebase to Phoenix or make their apps phoenix compatible.

Paul wrote some of blocks for Cornerstone and some of the apps in Avalon apps. He also started AvalonDB, Jesktop, Excalibur-AltRMI, Enterprise Object Broker, and Picocontainer.